To continue the engagement and discussion from past TTMs, and prime the conversation for future TTMs, the TTM Organizing Committee has been sponsoring “mini-TTMs”. The purpose of these is to continue the conversation of long-reaching future technologies and leverage the expertise of the TTM speakers throughout the year.

2018 IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Decentralized Orchestration and Management of Distributed Heterogeneous Things (DOMINOS)

Monday, 23 April 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

Managing IoT-based systems requires enabling the orchestration of things by managing resources that provide a) a hardware interface connecting the IT world with the real world, and b) software services including gateways to Internet data sources, reasoning on IoT data, and running orchestration applications. Key management challenges involve provisioning, configuration, deployment, and management of federated Internet-scale systems. Though being an evolution from classical management, managing IoT things is still disruptive as classical assumptions about connectivity, compute resources, or usage patterns do not hold anymore. Management patterns that are tailored for Decentralized Orchestration and Management of Distributed Heterogeneous Things are still missing. In the DOMINOS workshop we want to address the challenges that emerge from establishing management of the IoT.

DOMINOS2018 is co-located with the Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS). The workshop will be a full day workshop on Monday, Apr. 23, 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan.

IEEE/IFIP Man2Block2018: International Workshop on Managing and Managed by Blockchain 

Friday, 27 April 2018 
Taipei, Taiwan 

Man2Block 2018 is a dedicated venue for bringing together students, researchers and practitioners from academia and industry who share common interests in the management of the blockchain infrastructure and the use of blockchain in network, system, service operations and management.
Co-located with IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2018.

 Predicting and immersing one with the future is always a challenge and a desire. The IEEE rises to that challenge based upon the work it does on multiple new and emerging technologies through serving as a catalyst for developing innovations, products and services.  IEEE Future Directions serves as an incubator for these new initiatives.A panel of industry experts from the fields of AR/VR/MR, Big Data, Blockchain, Communications, Computing will provide their perspectives, observations, and predictions of the future. The focus will be on new developments that will contribute to a smarter future. Emphasis will be upon presenting practical applications and its implementations with a focus on predictions of the future and potential implications across the various fields.

This session, organized and moderated by Kathy Grise, will provide a “mini-Technology Time Machine” preview of the future of AR/VR/MR, Big Data, Blockchain, Communications, Computing technologies.

Co-located with COMPSAC 2018.